Places to visit

The North of Nicaragua, with its pleasant climate, varied ecosystems and very hospitable people is a great place to go out and explore! Since our start in 2003, our hotel has worked with many farmer families to motivate and assist them to diversify their farms including an ecological tourism component in their management. The most interesting options we present you here but new Sites might be added any time. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a map with the locations or click the fotos for a detailed description of each site (opens in a new window).

Hot water springs
“Don Alfonso”

The hot water springs “Don Alfonso” is a MUST to visit when you are in Jalapa. Most tourists and nicaraguans alike consider it the best aguas termales available in Nicaragua! People say that in the past el Cacique Muyuca took his bath here. The site is owned and managed by the Cooperative for Tourism Development in the North of Nicaragua, COODETUR Las Segovias R.L.


Ecological farm
“San Antonio”

The ecological farm San Antonio is a real paradise on earth with a real SMELL AND TASTE OF COFFEE! The San Antonio farm is located just 2.5 kilometers from our hotel El Pantano where you can admire a variety of multicolored butterflies, birds, tropical flowers and native orchids carefully managed and cared for by its owner.


Ecological Forest farm
“San Nicolas”

This farm is the first official Forest Farm in Nicaragua which started over 20 years ago when its owner decided to abandon growing maize and beans to produce trees instead.  If you are interested to learn more about the management of Pine forest, this is agreat place to visit. You can take one of the walking routes established and visit the lookout. The farm also has a small wood-processing plant where they process there own wood.


Ecological farm

The ecological farm Sonzapote is located North of the community El Limon, on the road to the Nubarrones mountain. The farm has an abundant water supply which motivated its owner to convert his farm in a kind of rural recreation center with swimming pools and walking trails to explore the coffee plantations, natural forests and rich flora and fauna.


Ecological Farm
“La Reforma”

This is considered the best place to take a swim in the clean swimming pools and take some time to walk around the farm. They have pine forests (plantations and natural), fruit orchards and even a small hot water spring (not for bathing!). Its owner takes great pleasure to show you around if he has time!


“Cerro de Jesus”

Coming soon …

Just outside Jalapa you’ll find Cerro de Jesús (1885m) the largest mountain in the area. It is dominated by the Jesus Mountain coffee plantation, which boasts 400 hectares of internationally recognized organic coffee. But on the flanks of the mountain you’ll also find a small local community, intact primary forest and a gushing 8m waterfall. If you’re up to it, you can hike to the peak.