Terms and Conditions of Hotel el Pantano


Hotel el Pantano Reservation policy:
This Reservation Policy is valid for all reservations made through our Online Reservation channel manager Freetobook directly on our website (http://www.hotelelpantano.com) or through our Facebook reservation option which is linked to Freetobook as well (https://www.facebook.com/hotelpantano).

As our hotel is included on some other Hotel Booking websites (for example, Booking com, Hostel world and others) as well, this reservation policy might be different on these websites. In this case we advice to review the Reservation Policy on these websites.

We understand that making a booking in a hotel always contains an element of insecurity, as you do not know what might happen before arrival which make it impossible for you to travel. Therefore we  included in our Reservation Policy that clients can always CANCEL their booking without any cost at all until 8 days or more before their date of arrival. Similarly, clients are not asked to make an advance payment untill 7 days before their arrival date.

However, advanced bookings also implies a certain risk for our hotel. Unfortunately the “online world” has quite some people who are intended to do harm to other people and businesses. In the past we received quite a lot of reservations of clients who never showed up in our hotel on the arrival date. You understand that this implies quite a “loss” for our hotel, especially because we are a small hotel with only 12 rooms.

As a compromise for both our clients and our hotel we require that clients provide their credit card details when making their reservation. When we receive your reservation we will verify the credit card details with a test transaction of C$ 1,00 (one cordoba, about 0.03 USD) charged to your credit card.

If the test shows that the card is not valid we will contact you to provide new, valid, credit card details within the next 24 hours. If a client fails repeatedly to submit valid credit card details, we will CANCEL the reservation.

If the test transaction is succesful, we will reverse/cancel the C$1,00 charge on your credit card and CONFIRM your reservation.

We will not charge your credit card until 7 days before your arrival when the free cancellation period has ended. At that day we will charge your credit card with 50% of the total reservation amount. If for any reason your credit card details we have on file are not valid anymore (maybe you lost your card?) we will contact you for another payment method. Until the 50% payment is not made, your reservation is no longer CONFIRMED and subject to cancelation.

Once you received your confirmation email, your reservation is guaranteed. Guests must show an official identity document valid at the time of check-in.

When you arrive at our hotel on the planned date, the remaining payment for the booking can be made either with a credit card or in cash in the local currency (Nicaraguan Oro, NIO) or with United States dollars (USD).

The client accepts the published rates, rooms, categories and prices mentioned in the reservation email.  Prices appear in US dollars and are not subject to change after you received your confirmation email.

The loss of the hotel room key will be charged with $5.00

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations with 8 days or more before the planned Arrival Date:

In this case you can cancel your reservation absolutely for FREE and no administration or penalty charges will be charged!

Cancellations with 7 days or less in advance of the planned Arrival Date:

In this case you will be charged the amount of 50% of the total reservation.

Cancellation because of No Show

A “No Show” occurs when a client does not appear at our hotel on the expected date of arrival.

In this case you will be charged the full amount (100%) of your reservation on your credit card, less any advanced payments. Your reservation for any additional nights will be cancelled.

Changes in the reservation details after arrival.

In case a client want to change their reservation details (number of rooms, number of nights) after they arrived at the hotel can be arranged if availability permits. If the change implies extra costs above the agreed upon total reservation, they will be charged to the client. Changes which imply a reduction of the agreed upon reservation will not be reimbursed and the original total reservation amount will be charged (less any advance payments made).


It is strictly forbidden to bring visitors to the hotel rooms at any time. All guest’s visitors are welcome only in the common areas of the Hotel / restaurant.

Children policy:

Children less than 8 years do not pay for lodging if they sleep in the available beds in the reserved rooms.

Although breakfast is included in the room rates, this does not apply for the children less than 8 years who sleep for free in the room.

Pet policy:

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Oversold policy:

In the extreme case (which fortunately never has happened sofar) that our Hotel is oversold and cannot offer a client the contracted service made through our online reservations system, the Hotel by its own count will find adequate alternatives to supply the service contracted that will meet, or give better service, than the original benefits contracted.

General policies

Entry to the hotel and restaurant is prohibited to individuals who:

  • Carry objects that may cause harm to our visitors or property.
  • Carry or use any type of illegal drug.
  • Provoke or incite any disturbance.
  • Are intoxicated by the consumption of alcohol.
  • Be sex workers.
  • Are under 18 years of age and are not accompanied by a relative or legal guardian.

The Hotel reserves the right to dismiss from the premises any client or visitor who does not comply with these policies, who violates our terms and conditions outlined in this document or whose behavior is generally unacceptable. If another guest complains about the behavior of an individual, that complaint will be investigated and, if valid, the individual(s) and associated guests causing the complaint will be expelled from the premises. In these cases no refund applies.