Hot water springs “Don Alfonso”

The Hot Water Springs “Don Alfonso” are among the best hot springs available in Nicaragua and a MUST VISIT when you are in Jalapa. The well designed infrastructure blends into the natural landscape and offers relaxing and comfortable hot baths which make you you feel like in paradise. Then relax in one of the ranches and hammocks with your favorite book while your children enjoy themselves in the small playing ground.

TIP: Bring your own food and enjoy an unforgettable experience cooking it in one of the “kitchens” created for the purpose. Suggestions to take with you: bread, eggs, plantains, vegetables and potatoes. Don’t forget some plates, knifes, forks and salt.

Before you decide to go back to your hotel, stop by in the reception and purchase some of the very original, high quality handicrafts made from local pine tree needles by local women. A great reminder of a great time spent!

The site is owned and managed by the Cooperative for Tourism Development in the North of Nicaragua, COODETUR Las Segovias R.L.

  • Reception (cold drinks, handycrafts)
  • Large circular pool (access included in entrance fee)
  • 2 small private pools (available at extra charge)
  • 1  small pool accessible for wheelchair
  • 5 Ranches with picnic table
  • Hammocks (surcharge)
  • Hygienic services (wheelchair accessible)
  • Playing ground for children
  • 3 termal kitchen spots
  • 5 Waste bins
  • Solar panel
  • Hydraulic water promp

  • Relax in hot water baths
  • Observacion local flora and fauna
  • Playing ground for children
  • Cook your own meal! (bring your food)
  • Rest in ranches/ hammocks
  • Observe renewable energy sources (termal cooking spots, hydraulic pump, solar panel)
  • Walking
  • Purchase pine needles handycrafts made by local women

Tuesday till Sunday:
08.30 AM hasta 16.30 PM
Closed for maintenance and cleaning of the pools


It is the vision of the COODETUR that the destinations they create and manage should always be accessible for the local population. Therefore, they charge somewhat higher tariffs for international visitors which  help keeping the entrance fee accessible for the local population. We hope you understand!

NATIONALS (and foreigners with permanent residence in Nicaragua):

  • 6 years and under: FREE
  • 7 years old up to 11 years old: C $ 30.00
  • 12 years and older: C $ 55.0

6 years and under: FREE
7 years and older: C $ 145.00


The center has a large circular pool that is accessible to all visitors.

It also has 3 smaller private pools that families / groups can use for an additional fee of C $ 73.00 / hour. It is possible to reserve the private pools in advance through the Center Administrator (see below how to contact her).


Hi, I am Elying Morales, the manager of the Hot Water Springs Don Alfonso and it will be my pleasure to receive you and show you around.

If you wish to make a reservation you can call / message  or skype me at my number: +505 8400 0665. Please note that on the Hot water springs, telephone connections are pretty poor. Better try to call me in the (early!) evening. If you are staying at Hotel el Pantano en Jalapa you can also arrange your visit with the hotel.

In periods of heavy rains the Hot water springs are only accessible by 4WD and walking. Call me as well when in doubt!


When the access road is only available with 4WD vehicles the owner of Hotel campestre can bring you there (and back!) with his private 4WD Toyota double cabin pick-up when he has time available. You must request this service at least 4 days before your planned visit. This service is only offered to our hotel quests!

The cost for this service is USD 25.00/round trip and the group must be smaller than 7-8 persons because only 3-4 persons can travel inside the cabin and the others must sit in the back (open air).

(Video courtesy of Juan Rizo, Jalapa, Nicaragua)

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